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December 2, 2011

New holiday improvement in adCenter

A message from Microsoft adCenter:

“I am happy to report that the Holidays have come early for Yahoo! Search and Bing advertisers this year! In the last two weeks, we’ve released our latest round of pre-holiday features, all delivering on advertisers’ wish lists”

In time for the holiday season, adCenter has introduced some new features to their PPC management system. As with AdWords before, an improvement to the editor is followed by more limitations of the traffic. Changes of policy most likely arrive soon, and Microsoft will check our behavior to verify that we comply with the terms of service. This means that the gift of better traffic comes with more regulation and tighter monitoring.

What can we do?

As I always say, if you are not an expert in PPC, it is about time to become one. As an expert, the change is in your favour, since many PPC newcomers will find themselves slapped and out of the game, while you can gain their traffic.

Make sure you closely read the following article, about common causes for affiliates to get slapped and protect yourself. What is right for adWords, is soon true to adCenter aswell.

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