Adding Value to Affiliate Marketing

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November 30, 2011

Adding value to the Affiliate Industry

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Written by: Ofer Shoshani
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Adding value to the Affiliate Industry

Hi, My name id Ofer Shoshani and this is my small contribution to the Affiliate Industry.

I have worked in the Affiliate Marketing industry for the last ten years. Along the way I have promoted many products, mostly of Clickbank, but from other networks aswell. My main source of traffic always came from PPC (Pay Per Click) something I have done even before adwords joined the game…

There is nothing to compare between the Affiliate Marketing industry now and ten years ago. First, there was no “industry” then, and most people didn’t understand what I was talking about, when i told them i make money as an “affiliate”. Moreover, global events like the Affiliate Summit, could be held in a small bar and there was still plenty of room left for others to join the happy party. And the Online Marketing itself was different, small and promising. True, few ever used the Internet to buy online, but if you knew what were you doing, it was so easy for us to get cheap traffic, good one!

It was the time of the lonely cowboys: everything was possible and there was no competition and regulation at all! Moreover, since there was no one to teach “online marketing”, we had to learn everything first handed, from conversions to traffic, nothing to copy and paste, just try something new and optimize.

As one of the pioneers in the Affiliate Marketing Industry, i have watched closely the amazing changes we has experience, the growth of knowledge, development new strategies, checkout options, marketing tools and so on. In this blog i wish to share with you, my friends and colleagues some of the things i have experienced and learned along the way.

I hope we all continue to have a fun ride!

Ofer Shoshani

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